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Business Loans

You’re here because you have big goals. Our goal is to ensure businesses are connected with the best funding for their needs.

Regardless of what type of business you own or manage, we can help by providing the services the big banks offer with the added reassurance of knowing that we make LOCAL decisions, offer LOCAL financing and LOCAL servicing.

Finding the right loan to meet your business needs can be difficult. They don’t all come in one size or shape, and our Lending Officers realize that. We’re here when you need us, and have been since 1923, offering various options for your lending needs.

Our Lending Experts are Ready to Start
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Start Up Business

Looking to start a new business and need financing?

We offer flexible terms, competitive rates, and unmatched customer service. Our lending staff understands what starting up a business is all about, and we will assist you in every way possible to see your dreams come true.

We are at the forefront of providing businesses with capital to grow and expand.

Calculate the best payment options for your purchase.

SBA Loans

As an SBA lender, we can help your business grow with several types of SBA Loans. Qualifying for an SBA loan is easier than qualifying for other loans. First, the SBA allows higher loan-to-value ratios. Depending on your loan request, you may be able to borrow up to 100% of your financing needs. Secondly, we can potentially offer longer finance terms with different payment options.

SBA loans can help growing businesses purchase or renovate real estate, acquire fixed assets such as heavy machinery or specialized equipment, or supply working capital for ongoing financing needs.

Business, Agriculture, and Municipal Leasing

Exceptional Personal Service. Competitive Pricing.


  • Provides long term, fixed rate financing to protect the operating budget from fluctuations in variable interest rates
  • Provides 100% equipment financing without compensating balances or down payments
  • Conserves cash
  • Allows the benefits of ownership without major cash outlays, debt restrictions or asset management responsibilities
  • Offers a hedge against inflation, so today’s needed asset is paid for with tomorrow’s dollar
  • Offers numerous payment plans and lease end options for maximum flexibility


We have been in Municipal Leasing for over 25 years. You can be rest assured the financing proposal you receive will be customer designed to fit your needs, will be in your best interest, and in compliance with often complex regulations. We are here every step of the way!

When you finance new or use equipment thought a Lease Purchase, it provides you with the opportunity to own and use an asset immediately.

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