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Agricultural Loans

We take great pride in serving the agricultural community. Our agriculture loan officers have many years of lending experience. In fact, most of our officers grew up on farms and ranches in northeast Oklahoma and are still active in some form of agriculture themselves. Our commitment to the farming community is illustrated by our continuous involvement in agriculture lending since the early 1970s. Our loan decisions are made locally by people who understand the importance of agriculture to the local economy.

We utilize FSA guarantees which help us meet the credit needs of young, beginning, and small farmers as well as existing farmers seeking to expand their operations. We achieved a great honor in becoming one of only a handful of Oklahoma banks to attain the Farm Service Agency “Preferred Lender” accreditation.

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Operating Loans

We offer multiple options such as single maturity, revolving lines of credit or even conventional working capital loans with level amortized payments. It simply depends on YOUR needs.

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Our Agriculture Officers are Farmers and Ranchers themselves.

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